Delivery /Special Handling of Coop: Up Front and for most we are not a hauler or delivery company, We deliver for those customers who do not have low-boy trailer and safety equipment for hauling the coops, the coops range in size as 6x 8, 6x10 and 6x12 you have to have a low-boy at lease 16' and materials for safe travel of coop on the hwy, its not easy to haul these coops or take off a trailer! it is hard work and takes more then one man etc..we know some may not have the equipment to haul or may not have even pulled a trailer hauling something like this. Warming if you haul take extra care hauling and unload these coops !  THINK SAFTY!
The money we charge for delivery mileage and special handling covers our labor, extra labor weekend man to go help us unload and deliver curbside  the coop, gas and   day taken out from the shop to deliver for you.
We Texas Chicken Coops (any person or persons )are Responsible and Liable only for the coop until we arrive at the destination address for the coop,  and we are released of all responsible and libables of us  upon arriving  at the coops destination address, WHERE FOR all items, labor, services, materials  etc there for are "AS IS" , "WHERE IS"

If we do not Set Up coop for leveling of ground for coop to rest at the property ,everything may not work right on coop. The structure could warp( warp meaning distortion or twist, especially in a piece of wood), doors,windows,pullout drawer may not work right..Remember; any building is based on a level surface that's just how they work and last.there for "AS IS "WHERE IS"
we build these coops on level surface and everything works on that order like pull out drawers doors, winnows and even structures are meant to be level so they may not warp, When you Set Up (have the coop space ready for coop to rest on ,it is upon you for level of the coop and the safety,structure and parts of coop. 

If we are to SET UP coop for level.
We are not libable at anytime for wind,storms,water drainage ,trees etc. or any act of nature or man, your property, etc ,( we are only responsible for the leveling of coop at time of delivery only if you chose us to setup coop, where for all labor, services,  special handling, and items are sold  AS IS "WHERE IS"....

Delivery / Coop Special Handing Responsibilities IN SHORT:
(Texas Chicken Coops and any person labor, delivery, special handling, services, of coop Not Responsible upon arrival address)
We are Responsible for coop and persons while in travel to destination for coop. We are not reliable at any time or act for anyone or coop after arriving with coop at said destination address, Upon arriving at destination you are responsible and liable for all actions when,then and after delivery, there for AS IS,WHERE IS.

Coop Transaction Fee:
Credit Card Transaction Fee of $100 will be added to coop cost ((not refundable).


1.If you are purchasing coop and changed your mind , we are happy to cancel your order with in forty eight hours of date ordered,  Simply phone us at 254-434-9449 to let us know you'd like to cancel your order with in the twenty  four hours grace period. Be sure to have your order number handy for the fastest processing.(your order  transaction number.) a  fee equal to 15% of the item price will be assessed and withheld from Customer's refund.

2.Texas Chicken Coops ,Any Coop,Service or Customized Coops - Order of coop,services may not be canceled after  twenty  four hours  from the date on which the order has been placed. Requests for cancellation of any coop order: must be made in the manner specified within forty eight hour day of the date on which Customer's coop or customized coop order was placed; and  must be made by
Customer email or call, and received by Texas Chicken Coops at 254-434-9449.

For any coop, service or customized coop orders that Texas Chicken Coops, in its sole discretion, allows to be canceled, a  fee equal to 15% of the item price will be assessed and withheld from Customer's refund.  Any Coop,Service or Custom Coops - you may cancel your order on or before forty eight hours date of order, we'll refund you all but a 15% for cancellation fee.  you may not cancel your order after the forty eight hour grace, at this point order is there for as is where is.

We recognize our coops are not cheap,building our  quality has never been cheap. Our quality shows in all we do and so does cheap !
Dons goal was to make a good product that maybe with your care could last for generations, a future heirloom to be hand down.

We have to deliver coops on a 8x16ft low-boy trailer, also it takes two men to load and unload these heavy coops,it take about two hours preparing the coop for travel and a hour to unload ..Warning to anyone wanting to haul the coop themselves make sure you bring heavy boomers,plastic tarp for covering roof, three round heavy metal poles to lay coop on top of and floor metal braces to screw coop to floor of trailer and four 2x4s.   Just remember these are not coop kits but like mini houses very heave and tall !   Please Think of Safety l!!!!

All orders are finial after forty eight hours at date of order there for as is where is. We are a custom order builder not a industry coop kit builders or department store, you order goes online we buy the products and cut for that coop project, there for at that time your order is as is where is. and as for delivery the same. We deliver on behalf of customs not ourselves and there for "as is , where is coop and us arriving at delivery address!! . The coops are made on level surface and every thing works on that level,  If we do  (setup coop) for level ground not responsible for any actions after delivery date ! there for as is, where is.

Texas Chicken Coops Polices/Rules
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