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Lavish your pet with luxurious living !  as
President Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend, get a dog.”treat them as you would do unto yourself. same apply's to pet birds and fowl.
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Luxury, Fancy and Posh chicken coops and pet houses by designer Texas Chicken Coops
Fancy, Texas "Cedar Ridge" Coop

Hope you have a" God Winks" today
read about God Winks on the net,
Peeps it's wonderful reading!
Texas Luxury "Southern Heritage "Coop
Exclusive  Pampered Pets Designs Texas pampered pets- birds,fowls, chicken coops - pet houses
Texas Chicken Coops Pampers Petsl.
Best, Luxury, Fancy and Posh chicken coops and pet houses by designer Texas Chicken Coops
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The best words to describe these two Texas born natives are
" The greatest wars ever fought in the history of the world are not those fought by sword. The greatest battles are fought in the realm of ideas."  

For the urban chicken farmer Mrs Humphreys ideal of a beautiful and functional coop  and Mr. Humphreys building scales were a great ideal and team for their  journey of building chicken coops for others who are looking for the southern life style of living down on the farm.

Mrs.Humphrey says, farming does not have to be ugly or hard work, we wanted to enjoy giving real farm fresh eggs to the family and friends and relaxing at the end of the day just watching the birds. To make a place where their grandchildren and all who came could enjoy collecting the eggs out side the coop  so not disturb the birds, a beautiful place were people could make good memories and take home a few  farm fresh eggs at their best.. To teach the children chicken farming is a good thing! in every way

When you meet these two people you see what family and nature means to them. as Mrs. humphrey says what more would we ask for, we have a wonder daughter and son-in law and  two beautiful adorable God fearing grandchildren who live in the next pasture !

Mrs. Humphrey said
Don built my dream coop,and today we are  enjoying the wonders of urban chicken farming with our family and friends, The grandchildren comes by now and then with friends to enjoy the chickens and see what papa is building next..

I know our little  urban chicken farm of four does not compare with my great uncles farm of yesteryears , but I know this experience has had the same effect for our life too as his did for him maybe even better we don't have to work as hard I'm sure as he did!!

We are a southern family of faith and are making memories together down on the farm!!
Our grandchildren are almost grown now, and they still come over and watch papa building the coops , to say hey to nanny and our little feathered pampered pets FanTango,Cha-cha and Eva our bantams.

We recognize our coops are not cheap, building our quality items has never been cheap. Our quality shows in all we do ! Dons goal was to make a quality product and we believe he has done this with our coops. With your care and natures hopefully will last for years.

Don and I truly hope for the best in all we can do for ourselves and others. 
and just to say Thanks God for your "God Winks"  (read on web about "God Winks" ) cool story for all who believe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We are  Americans who believe  in God We Trust  !   
Anyone looking for beautiful and healthy rare bantams
blue ribbon winner of many shows, he know chickens!
Brad Richardson
Mc Kinney Tx

Please Remember  Due To Our Texas Heat In Summers:
Last orders  May 31st, we close June 20th and  start back working Sept10th because of our Texas SUMMER HEAT  it  just gets to hot in the shop Summer months for Don to build .. So get your custom coop order in now please allow 4 weeks for delivery or pick up please.
orders after May 31st will be online up for Sept.. Hope all under stands , We love building coops but the guys health saftety comes frist ,We would not want anyone to get over heated while building in our summer heat.
Thank You kindly for all your suport  Don and Betty Humphrey
We build exclusively custom  houses / coops for pampered  pets , designs for Texas ,Okla., La., Ark, pampered pets- birds,fowls, chicken coops - pet houses  Call us 254-434-9449
Texas Chicken Coops
Texas Chicken Coops
Luxury & Fancy Chicken Coops- Pet Houses
for mans furry and feathered best friends
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Best chicken coops & pet houses  in Texas  per order today! 
Take a Peep! at our custom affordable quality coops
Texas Luxury  custom chicken coops & pet houses  per order today!  254-434-9449
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Luxury Chicken Coops by Texas Chicken Coops quality coops that could be a  future heirloom
Allow 2-4 weeks delivery or you may ship or pick up.       We only deliver on weekends -  No Holiday or rainy day delivery - Call if delivery is more then 300 radius.of Granbury TX  or out of state we need to arrange  for shipment . all items and services are  As Is, Where Is