Warning to anyone wanting to haul the coop themselves make sure you bring at least a 16ft flatbed low-boy, heavy bommers,large plastic tarp for covering roof, three round heavy metal poles to lay coop on top of and floor metal braces to screw coop to floor of trailer and four 2x4s extra wood blocks.  
Just remember these are not coop kits they are heavy and tall coops like mini houses,  Please Think Safety First!!!!

Up Front , We are not a hauler or trucker we provide coop special handling for those who dont have the trailer, materials or time to travel, load and unload the coops.  We haul coops on a 8x16ft low-boy trailer, its your responsibility to provide at leaced 8 to 10ft opening for flatbed trailer to enter for unloading the coop.
It takes bobcat to load coop, two men to prepare to load for travel and two then to unload these heavy coops, take about two or three hours prepairing the
coop for travel and a hour or two to unload according where you want to unload the coop.
If we are to provide coop special handling for you, we are responsible for coop,materials, and labor until the coop is loaded and unloaded at site of your
choosing,    After we enter your property, its your responsibility for any actions, care, acts of nature or any services we provide until we leave the site,
there for all items, products and services from Texas Chicken Coops or us are sold,delivered and rendered AS IS, WHERE IS.

If you chose us to SET UP COOP:
The Coop, must be setup on level flat ground no slope areas or rocky ground. We furnish labor and materials for our subframe floor for the coop only. We Install 4  treated post (our subframing) to set coop on, the subframe will be the size of coop bottom frame one layer of timbers only.
About Coop Paint Color

We paint our coops for the beauty and easy care of them, using white or cream color no charge added to price of coops. All other colors are considered  a custom color
Our quality  custom chicken coops could be a future heirloom for generations to come.
             Texas Chicken Coops
       skilled southern craftsman hard at work
Texas Chicken Coops
Texas Chicken Coops & Options by Texas Chicken Coops
Stunning Cupola with copper roof and rooster weathervane
We are here to help you design your dream chicken coop. give us a call  now 254-434-9449 or just check the boxes to customize your coop ,click the submit, give us a call to place your order for your stunning custom coop.

At the time you call, we will have your coop information you've submitted to help make it easy to place your order.  Thank you enjoy designing your custom coop!
Coop Prices:
  We use "Square" for card transaction, they change 3.5% for transaction fees  this will  apply to your cost.  There is a Texa sales tax of 6.76% on goods and services, tax dose not apply
if you have farm exemption..     

After you have checked your chosen coop and options,
Kindly type in your name and cell  click the submit button. 
We will call you back to place your custom coop order
Pre-Ordering your custom coop now by just calling us at 254-434-9449.
Thank you kindly for your time.
Out of state or more then 230 miles call for delivery fee or shipment fees.
Texas Chicken Coops
Allow 4-10 weeks delivery maybe longer or you may ship or pick up.       We only deliver on weekends -  No Holiday or rainy day delivery - Call if delivery is more then 250  radius.of Granbury TX . Out of state, if we are to deliver  coop, we need to have time to arrange for trnsporting date.  .   All goods and services final and are sold As Is, Where Is.   Deposits are final (unrefundable,)  No refund, return or  exchanges.    View our policy
Out of state or more then 230 miles call for delivery fee or shipment fees.
       Texas Chicken Coops
Texas Chicken Coops
Add eighter of these stunning copper roofed Cupolas and Rooster Weathervane to your custom coop   
Pre-Order Call 254-434-9449.
View Prices and coop options, Go here view option page
This copper cupola comes with light kit, your electrician can hook it up easy to a switch, or we can have our electrician do the joy for you.
Made in the USA by Amish master craftsman.
We are proud to add a stunning element to our coops, New to us for this year of 2021.  The Elegant old fashion look of Copper roofed Cupolas & Rooster Weathervane's.
       Texas Chicken Coops
" Southern Heritage Coop "
" Port View Coop "
" Sweet Magnolia Coop "
PV Two Metal Roofs  Approx.6x12/6x8  $4850.00
Custom Metal Bottom for Nest Box  $450.00
Copper Roof (window) Cupola/ Rooster Weathervane   $2800.00
Extension Run for the Port View  approx. 6x8x8  $7,800.00
Coop (comes white) Custom Paint   $850.00
Curbside Delivery Only Small Coop(within 200 mile radious)  $2500.00
Curbside Delivery/Small Coop Setup Coop  $3250.00
Port ViewCoop  approx 6x12 / shingled roof   $22,800.00
Southern Heritage Coop  approx. 7x12x8 /shingled roof  $58,500.00
Sweet Magnolia  approx.6x12 / shingled roof  $9850.00
Extension for Southern Heriatge 6x8x8 14,500
SH Two Roofs- Metal Roof Approx.6x12/6x8  $4850.00
Metal Roof Approx.6x12 $2650.00