The Port View Chicken Coop  with Extension Run       
white with (Metal roofs)                                        

Port View Chicken Coop- with metal roofs, Extension Run
Coop Approx: 6 x 12 x 8   plus aadded Run Approx.6x8x8
Included in price of coop:
* Painted siding
* Beautiful  Tall Roof
* Cleanup shaving tray drawer  
* 4 Unit nest box,(door opens down), (shingled top )
* Storage/Feed Cabinet
* Closed in roosting area,
* two roosting poles
* small ladders (one for run)
* slide up run door
* One walk in screen door for run  /One screened in door for Extension run )
* 2 side small bottom barn style doors (to cover feed from wind and rain)
* 2 screen covered vent windows
* Run screen (that looks like screen pane windows )
* Black outside light(decoration only)
* Black hinges
* Coop  color all white

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Extension Run / Metal Roofs                   Color metal your chioce
Our quality  custom chicken coops could be a future heirloom for generations to come.
             Texas Chicken Coops
       skilled southern style craftsman hard at work
       "View of Coop with Extended Run
Enjoy collecting your own organic  fresh farm eggs for breakfast in one of these beauty's
Texas Chicken Coops
       Texas Chicken Coops
Pop sharing a moment with our great ganddaughter
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Add either of these stunning copper roofed Cupolas and Rooster Weathervane to your custom coop   
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This copper window cupola comes with a light kit which your electrician can hook it up easily to a switch, or we can have our electrician do the job for you.
Made in the USA by Amish master craftman.
We are proud to add a stunning element to our coops, New to us for this year of 2021.  The Elegant old fashion look of Copper roofed Cupolas & Rooster Weathervanes.
A few coops we have designed and built for our customes