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President Harry Truman once said,
“If you want a friend, get a dog.”treat them as you would do unto yourself, and we  feel the same about our pet chickens!       
Best chicken coops & pet houses  in Texas  per order today! 
Take a Peep! at our custom affordable qaulity coops
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Contact-US at Texas Chicken Coops
Luxury Chicken Coops by Texas Chicken Coops quality coops that could be a  future heirloom
Don,Betty and family are living the Good Life "Southern Style"!  down on the farm in Tolar Tx 76476
We Are Texas Chicken Coops

*We build  our quality custom  chicken coops  / pet houses for pampered  pets ,

*  We are a  Texas family who goes above and behong trying to bring your our best quality product for your and your pampered pets of all kinds!

* We build coops and pet house for not just the state of  Texas, will travel  and deliver to Okla,. La., Ark, Alb.and arrainge for delivery  to other states....   Most of our coops have to be delivered or picked up on a 16ft flatbed low-boy trailer they  are soild buildings not DIY  kits in a box!

* We are a small papa , ma  family  business, hands on builder of pampered pets- birds,fowls, chicken coops - pet houses    If our family can serve your needs Call us 254-434-9449
Don and Betty Humphrey know  the value of quality and their  buildings show this.
   We are backyard chicken coop experts. Luxury to country coop designs                                          by skilled master craftsman Texas Chicken Coops
Texas Chicken Coops
    Quality builter - Affordable Price
Texas Chicken Coops a hands on master designer and biulder of unique and posh pet, bird, and fowl homes-coops for mans best friend!

101 Windsong Lane US W.Hwy. 377 between Granbury and Tolar Texas just 45 west of Ft Worth,

L@@K for the yellow Texas Chicken Coops sign and the big Texas style chicken !!  call or come by   per order coop today!  Monday- Sunday 

We close No more orders  May 31st, we close June 20th start back working Sept10th because of our Texas SUMMER HEAT  it just gets to hot in the shop Summer months for Don to build .. So get your custom coop order in now please allow 4 weeks for delivery or pick up please.
orders after May 31st will be online up for Sept.. Hope all under stands , We love building coops but the guys health saftety comes frist ,We would not want anyone to get over heated while building in our summer heat.
Texas Chicken Coops - The Humphrey Family
101 Windsong Lane 8miles west of Granbury TX
For Delivery Milage Fee go to the Quest Map   Here
Allow 2-4 weeks delivery or you may ship or pick up.      
We only deliver on weekends -  No Holiday or rainy day delivery - Call if delivery is more then 300 radius.of Granbury TX  or out of state we need to arrange  for delivery fee or  shipment fees. all items and services are  sold and rendered  As Is, Where Is             View our policy