Texas Luxury Chicken Coops
Luxurious and fancy chicken coops
Exclusive luxury custom coops designs by Texas Chicken Coops
Super Luxury one of a kind lined chicken coop         Introducing
The"Southern Heritage Coop"

We build the  most extreme luxury and  extensive  custom chicken coop ever made in Texas, designed for our southern Elite customers who look for the best of the best in style and quality.

The Southern Heritage coop is  Skillfully handcrafted is exclusive built by builder and designer Texas Chicken Coops  near  GranburyTX  We proudly wear Msde in USA.

The Texas "Southern Heritage " is a one of  kind lined luxury chicken coop. No two will ever be made the same!  coop has three rooms, nesst box/roost area, collect eggs/run/,  run/storage area, two ceiling   Chaandlers in run       Inside coop is (lined with ship lap)

We will deliver ( with in 250 miles) this one personally  to your door.  If out of state please call  about delivery
We only travel week ends and in good weather..

Building only with 30year siding now, and lined with ship lap. we can not get this quality of cedar any longer because of Covid..( coop and shingle color will be your choice.) Code SHC-68500-00

Call to pre order this stunning coop 254-434-9449
allow 10 to 12 weeks to build this one of kind coop 
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Texas "Southern Heritage "Coop
Luxury one of kind custom coop by Texas chicken coops
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Luxury Southern Heritage Chicken Coop
exclusive custom designs by Texas Chicken Coops
Texas Luxury  custom chicken coops & pet houses  per order today!  254-434-9449
A few coops we have designed and built for our customes
   We are backyard chicken coop experts. Luxury to country coop designs                                          by skilled master craftsman Texas Chicken Coops
Texas Chicken Coops
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Allow 2-4 weeks delivery or you may ship or pick up.       We only deliver on weekends -  No Holiday or rainy day delivery - Call if delivery is more than 230  radius.of Granbury TX . Out of state, if we are to deliver  coop, we need to have time to arrange for transporting date.  .   All goods and services are  As Is, Where Ise Is
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This copper cupola comes with light kit, your electrician can hook it up easily to a switch, or we can have our electrician do the job for you.
Made in the USA by Amish master craftsman.
We are proud to add a stunning element to our coops, New to us for this year of 2021
The Elegant old fashion look of Copper roofed Cupolas & Rooster Weathervane's. view option page.