Quality and skilled workmanship.goes into each pre-ordered unit, using only quality materials and hardware.

Every coop or pet house is designed and skillfully handcrafted for our pre-order customers style and needs one coop at a time while being mindful or our patron dream coop.

We are devoted to the elite urban gardeners and farmers, committed to design, build and surpass all their expectations, to de-light customers with a little southern taste, style and flare to each of their backyards one coop at a time.

L@@king to Going ORGANIC,  Nothing could be more organic, then collecting your own fresh eggs from your organic feed hens!                     Hope our coops EGGS-Cites you.   
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Texas Luxury Chicken Coops
Pre-Orders 254-434-9449       Mon-Sun. 24/7
Tolar TX  7 miles W of historical Granbury.
Out of state or more then 230 miles call for delivery fee or shipment fees.
Urban backyard Chicks are living the good life "Southern Style"

Skilled craftsman building, beautiful southern style quality and functional coops  
       Texas Chicken Coops
Texas "Southern Heritage" Coop
Southern Heritage Coop           Code SHC-00 68500

The Texas "Southern Heritage " one of a kind luxury chicken coop. No two will ever be the same! custom pre-order.! Call for all the details

We will deliver this one personally to your door. If out of state please call  for delivery We only travel week ends and in good weather. call for our travel radius areas..

We build this coop only with siding now, can not get this kind of quality cedar any longer!

CALL about this show stopper today! 254-434-9449

Allow 2-4 weeks delivery or you may ship or pick up.       We only deliver on weekends -  No Holiday or rainy day delivery - Call if delivery is more then 230 radius.of Granbury TX  or out of state we need to arrange  for delivery fee or  shipment fees. There is Texas Sales Tax of 6.75%  and credit card transaction fee of $100.00 that will be added to coop cost.
We are not responsible for any products ,materials or labor as cedar/sliding's, shingles, paint or  hardware's,nails,screws,etc .  All items and services are sold  As Is, Where Is
Our quality  custom chicken coops could be a future heirloom for generations to come.
             Texas Chicken Coops
       skilled southern style craftsman hard at work
Enjoy collecting your own organic  fresh farm eggs for breakfast in one of these beauty's
    Order your coop today call 254-434-9449     
Pop sharing a monument with our great ganddaughter
What you share in monuments, is woven into the lifes of others,

Let God guide your motivation, inspiration, and charactor.
Texas Chicken Coops
Add this stunning Cupola and rooster weathervane to your custom coop
Texas Chicken Coops
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